Friday, 26 October 2012

Am I? Or Aren't I?

I found out I was pregnant almost right away. My husband and I were living states away from each other (more on that later), and I returned from one of our visits just feeling OFF. Once the pregnancy thought entered my mind, it was like I couldn't push it away. I knew it was too early to test, but I obsessed until I went out and bought one of those early detection pregnancy tests by First Response. You know the ones, the ones that make you even more confused with all of their lines!

I mean what does that even mean? That I'm kind of pregnant? I mean is that even dark enough to be considered a second line? So I did what any normal person would do... Googled the hell out of it! Some swore, any shade of a line meant there was a trace of pregnancy hormone in your body. Others told tales of chemical pregnancies, false positives and the general consensus was, the longer you wait to test, the more accurate it is.

So I waited until I knew my period should have arrived and retested. More faint lines. You know what? Enough of the matching line crap! My biggest advice is just wait and get a digital. I was tired of tests telling me I was almost pregnant and ready to find out a clear yes or no.

And there it was in black and white. Standing in my classroom bathroom, I finally knew.

How did you know you were pregnant? Where is the strangest place you've taken a pregnancy test?

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