Monday, 29 October 2012

Second and Third Trimester Must-Haves

My pregnancy hasn't felt like 3 separate trimesters. I more or less categorized it as Hell and Not Such Hell. I already told you about surviving my first trimester. But I really didn't feel like myself again til about my 19th week.

Around that time we found out our little nugget was indeed a girl!

Baby Todd Week 19
That was the best day ever! We could finally start narrowing down names and planning for her nursery! And I was finally feeling well enough to enjoy some cravings. And did I ever!

Those fried pickles and salt n' vinegar chips really started catching up with me, and I gained back all the weight I lost and then some. Me and baby were making up for lost time!

The Pinterest idea that worked for about 20 minutes
It was finally time for maternity clothes! Since we live in Georgia, and it's summer, and I'm not working, I stocked up on leggings. If there were a world record for how many consecutive days one could wear leggings, I am win the title. This is actually quite sad! But if you're in the market for some, nothing beats the Secret Fit Belly from Motherhood. Nothing.

I finally caved and bought a few flowy shirts from Old Navy, thank goodness that stuff is in style right now.

20 weeks
20 weeks
My other must haves for 2nd and 3rd trimester are:

  • The Snoogle: sleeping gets tricky once that belly starts growing. This has been such a great investment. Although I do have to pryit out my husbands arms most nights. He might love it more than I do.
  • Zantac: Just go ahead and get maximum strength. Heartburn is scary nasty during these final weeks, and tums has not touched my fire breathing.
  • Vaseline: Listen ladies, rub that that all over your lips, nails and all up your nose before bed. I don't know what it is about pregnancy drying you out, but waking up with crusty boogies is seriously no fun!
  • Coconut Oil: if you haven't found out about the miracle that is Coconut Oil, stop what you're doing and just buy some right now. You can use it for cooking, cleaning, moisturizer and make-up remover. Heck I rub it all over my hair as a leave in treatment. But I really like it on my stretching belly. I know stretchmarks are genetic and there's not much you can do to avoid them, but I am still mark free and will continue using my coconut oil as long as I can.
  • Vitafusion Prenatal Gummies: I have loved these all pregnancy long. They do not contain iron, so if you are anemic or iron difficient, you can add an iron supplement. But my numbers have all looked great. I do enjoy the occasional red meat for my iron though ;)
  • The Belly Book: I love this pregnancy journal. It has notes about doctor visits, spots for bump pictures. I love the way it's organized by trimester, and doesn't require a lot of writing is you don't feel like it.
What were your must haves for the second half of pregnancy? How did you stay comfortable with all that growing stretching and aches and pains? With 10 weeks to go, I'm still looking for ideas!


  1. Hang in there!! You're getting so close! The third trimester is so exciting b/c you know you're so close! But I know, by the end you are just ready!!

  2. I constantly have my Starbucks tumbler full of water, as I drink gallons! I haven't swelled one bit due to my water consumption:) also.. LOVE my coconut oil, too! I am all about the leggings.. But have opted for the under-the-belly due to the secret fits make me feel as if I can't breath! Too much restriction on this belly;)