Tuesday, 27 November 2012

34 weeks


34 weeks pregnant
What's up with mommy?

I'm feeling pretty good these days. Still taking 2-4 mg of Zofran each morning for the queasies. But I am getting sick a lot less often.

My bladder is in overdrive, waking up close to 5 times each night to pee.

Heartburn is still being nasty to me, Zantac is the only thing helping.

I started using my birthing ball this week, to stretch and open up my hips. I also started drinking my raspberry leaf tea. My midwife says its safe now, and isn't meant to put you into labor, only to help tone the uterus.

This week I can't get enough: pillsbury crescent rolls with honey and butter, clementines, gala apples

I've gained... Wait for it... 24 lbs. Unfortunately this was my goal for the entire pregnancy. I'm not beating myself up about it, but am going to be more cautious these final weeks.

What's up with baby?

They say she's the size of a pumpkin this week. She won't be getting much longer anymore, just putting on lots of fat (like her mother).

She's head down, locked and loaded. Midwife said its not likely she will flip again, but we will see.

She is still moving quite a bit, not as many kicks, but more like... Sliding, flipping and flapping. Her house is getting cramped I think. She is really active around 5am when mommy isn't ready to get up yet.

Still on our to-do list:

Organize hospital paperwork/birth plan/ insurance info in a folder

Pack hospital bags for Mommy, B and baby

Install carseat and have it checked at fire station

Finish the nursery

Get our stroller


We're moving right along! The weeks are flying by. We can't wait to meet our baby girl.


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