Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Baby Registry Musts- First Time Mom

Some people really enjoy registering for gifts. They smile as they skip around the store scanning items, holding up bibs and stopping for a kiss.

Ummm, we are not those people. When Brandon and I registered for wedding gifts, I was literally breaking out in hives over which coffee maker we should get, and he was playing with popcorn makers (we ended up with one of those by the way!).

I am a hot mess. I don't like being on a time schedule to pick out important gifts. There are like 25 different kinds of baby bottles for goodness sakes! How do you pick one not knowing what's so great about it?

So this time I decided I wasn't going to register in any stores. That was an easy decision since we have no baby stores within 100 miles of here. But I decided I would just go ahead and do it online. It just worked out better for me. I could focus on one category at a time, like bottles, and read reviews on amazon as I went.

So here is what I think you need to have on your registry:

  • Breast pump: Medela really is best. I am planning to exclusively breast feed, and since I will be staying home with baby I decided not to mess with the whole double electric pup, tons of tubes crazy thing. I got a simple manual, pump into storage bags, easy peasy pump. I figure if I decide to try an electric, I will rent one from the hospital. So the Medela Harmony it was.
  • Nursing pillow: For me it came down to the Boppy and My Brest Friend pillows. I decided to register for both. I've heard great things about the Brest Friend. It snaps around you and has a little pocket to hold your cell or a water bottle (or snacks).
  • Feeding accessories: I registered for two different bottle starter sets. I hear babies can be a little picky when it comes to their bottles so I figured we'd try two different brands. Again, I'm lazy, so no complex tubing for me. Sorry Dr. Brown. Along with bottles, we added some pacis, Lanisoh milk storage bags, and nursing pads. We didn't get a bottle warmer, but did splurge on a sterilizer.
  • Stroller and Car Seat: I knew I wanted a stroller that was safe, trendy, nuetral and that would snap in an infant carseat. I fell in love with the Britax B- Ready. And the Britax Chaperone carseat snaps right in. The Chaperone has great safety ratings, and reviews, but after holding my cousin's found it really is quite big, and heavy. Like, holy heavy!

  • Pack and play: I know, I'm boring. I wanted something practical, nuetral, and safe. I don't need all the bells and whistles. Literally some pack and plays vibrate, play music, and stand on their head. We went with the Aprica OpenAir play yard. It has a bassinet, and will be easy to see baby in from another room.
  • High chair: Again, simple and modern. The Evenflow Modern fit the bill.

  • Swing and Sleeper: My friends have kids who won't sleep in anything but a swing, or rocker, so we registered for both. The Fisher Price Snugabunny Swing has crazy awesome reviews. We had to have it. The Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper is just about bed level and is a great option for keeping baby girl close on my side of the bed at night.

  • Baby carriers: We registered for the Moby wrap because its awesome, and an Ergo canvas carrier for when she wants to sit upright and see the world. I have done so much reading on the benefits of baby wearing, and can't wait to get her squishy butt in my Moby.
  • Miscellaneous: Make sure you grab some waterproof crib liners, sheets, changing pad and covers, first aid kit, baby tub, and yummy smelling baby lotion among all those other little things you need. And last but not least, don't forget Sophie the Giraffe. Another mom will get this for you because they know its worth the $22 dollars your Grammy can't bring herself to spend on a squeaky toy.
My shower was in NY last weekend in the midst of Hurricane Sandy destruction. Our house has no power the whole week I was home, wowzers was it cold! But I did get to enjoy plenty of bagels and pizza during my stay. I got just about all of these wonderful gifts and was completely showered with love!

What were your favorite gifts from your shower? What were the things you found out you couldn't live without?


  1. You are right on the money with the pack n play! We got the one with all the bells and whistles and have used said bells and whistles... NEVER. Well, except when showing all the cool things it can do- haha. But I totally agree with you that simple is the way to go!

    1. Haha that's funny, we had a super fancy Graco one on our registry for a while. Not gonna lie, I'd like to sleep in a bassinet that vibrates and plays white noise too.

  2. I love my moby wrap and ergo carrier! Especially with my second child, shes in them so much since we are always out and about with my older child.

    1. I hope I get the hang of the Moby, I have been you-tubing all the different ways to use it and my head is spinning. And I can't get over how much freaking fabric it has! Lol I could literally make a wedding dress from the yards and yards of fabric.

  3. Love your registry ideas! Maybe ill do a post for twin mommas:) We were overwhelmed with the thought of all the things we need.. Times that by 2! I'm with you on the breast pump selection, and well as the feeding pillow. The My Breast Friend has a twin feeding pillow we registered for as I will attempt to go double time:) we have the same swing, and we got two matching bouncers in the Snug-a-bunny. And.. We got the crazy outrageously priced Sophie:)

    You look so precious, and congrats on your little one!

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