Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Maternity Photo Inspiration

I have spent way too much time worrying about our maternity session. When we first moved to the middle of nowhere, I immediately started worrying about who would do our baby's newborn photos. Who might do our pregnancy shoot?

To give you an idea of why this worried me, we live in the kind of town where people freak out that an Olive Garden is being built in town, and where Sears is the hot spot for annual photos. I'm not trying to sound like a photography snob, but... No way!

So I started googling, and came across Red Fly Studio. They were located in Thomasville, GA and were so much more my style. I was in love!

Source: Red Fly Studio

I have never been into the bare belly, super serious, naked maternity photos. Where would you hang something like that? I knew I wanted our session to feel more like an engagement session, fun, bright, and with lots of clothes definitely on!

So how does one dress their bump for these pictures? I scoured Pinterest for ideas, of course.

  • Stripes were a must! I mean they flatter any bump!

Source: Dear Baby Blog
  • Bright colored cardigan for Fall! And sheesh, how gorg is she? Share some of that pregnancy glow siesta!
Source: Dear Baby Blog
Source: Jen Huang Blog
  • We have to be outdoors in some nice golden sunshine!
Source: Onto Baby Blog
  • Maybe a white or sheer shirt over jeans. Because man this is pretty.
Source: Onto Baby Blog
I hope our pictures turn out half as beautiful as the ones above. And can't wait to share them when we get a sneak peek! Until then, show me yours! Did you go bare belly or for more of engagement session vibe?

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