Wednesday, 5 December 2012

35 weeks

Well here we are, another week down! Ask me if I got my to-do list done. I am not getting anything done anymore! Baby girl better hang in there a while longer cause her momma is a lazy butt.

The first trimester sleepies have hit me again. I feel tired all the time. And when I'm not tired, I ache. Yep, it will be a fun month for us at the Todd home. Poor Brandon, I'm such a pleasure these days! :)

I save bump updates for the one day a week I actually get dressed. In my defense, I am actually growing out of my maternity clothes. The maternity jeans that used to look cute and trendy now slip down my butt and feel like they are suffocating my baby. So, Gap maternity leggings it is. Every. Day.

But this dress is the next best thing. Yea, it's like a moo moo.

35 weeks pregnant
Tshirt maxi dress: Gap
Bauble necklace: a deal on Groopdealz (love this site btw)

What's new with momma?

Well I'm a ray of sunshine these days. Heartburn and morning sickness still hanging around, but tolerable. I am having really wacky dreams. Brandon just loves when I wake him up to tell him about them haha. My food cravings feel like they are gone. Food just isn't interesting anymore. I don't feel like cooking, and nothing really ever sounds delicious. But I am still eating a whole box of clementines (cuties) every week.

What's new with baby?

You are super active these days. How do you have the room for those gymnastics? I really hope you are still head down, cause I feel you everywhere! Lots of baby hiccups lately and jumping around in the middle of the night. Are you having bad dreams like mommy? We go back to doctor's on Monday to get the results from our Group B strep test, and have our first cervical check. I have thought about declining the cervical check because I know it only gets people's hopes up, but it's like... I have to just know if my body is preparing for labor. So I know it's gonna make me a crazy person but I am crossing my fingers for some dilation news.

That's all for this bump update folks! Do you have any tricks for staying comfortable this last month? Can I trade my aching pelvic bone in for a new one now?


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  1. I loved cuties too while I was pregnant! Sorry, no great tricks for staying comfortable these last few wks, but going on walks seemed to help a're so close!