Wednesday, 12 December 2012

36 weeks

I'm a serious slacker, I know. Plan on hearing less and less from me until this baby comes. This is gonna be an all- out bitchfest this morning. Haha can I throw up a white flag and surrender already? Between the reflux, Braxton hicks, hip pains, and night sweats... I am getting very little sleep.

36 weeks
I know Bella endured worse for Renesme. That's what I try to remind myself when I'm feeling my worst lol. That baby ripped her in half. Did you guys know I was obsessed with Twilight?


What's new with momma?

I have entered the uncomfortable phase of pregnancy. But don't get me wrong. I want my baby to keep cooking til after Christmas. We are in no hurry. I'd just be a lot more fun to be around if I was getting more sleep.

I have a teeny pink stretch mark from my belly button to my belly button piercing. That scar tissue just can't stretch. (My dear daughter, you are never allowed to put holes in your body). Belly button rings were so 2004. Mine just never fully closed.

I'm up a few pounds from last week. Tell me it's water weight. It is, right? ;)

I start my weekly appointments with my midwife from here on out! I love that lady!

What's up with baby?

Everything looked great at the doctors this week. I was secretly hoping to hear I had started dilating. But we are sealed up like Fort Knox.

You are the size of a watermelon this week. For real?

Doctor says you are about 6 pounds right now and will be an average size baby, between 7.5 and 8 at birth.

I packed the baby hospital bag this week. Haven't even touched mine. But when I finally found something for you to wear home from the hospital I couldn't help myself!


I wonder how many of these bump updates I have left!!


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  1. You look great!! only 4 more weeks or less!! I got the baby uggs, at nordstrom!! Couldn't believe they were 50$, but hey, gotta have a styling baby right? haha!! Lol i freaking loved twilight, the last movie made me cry!!