Monday, 17 December 2012

37 weeks

Today we are full term!!

37 weeks
What's new with momma?

I'm not feeling as achey this week. Still sleepy, and just wanna lay around all the time! Still waiting for the nesting bug to bite me for good, but I did cross a few things off my to-do list!

Ummm isn't weight gain supposed to slow down now? Lol I'm hovering very close to the 30 lb mark. It's that damn eggnog! So gross, but so so good.

Still drinking my raspberry leaf tea. And I may give in to the hype and start trying evening primrose oil every other day or so. It's supposed to help soften the cervix.

I won't see my midwife again til after Christmas at 38 1/2 weeks. Then I will begin Operation Get Baby Out! Just kidding, kind of. My mom and dad will be visiting until the 31st. My mom is a teacher and is back in class after New Years, and I hate for her to get home just to get back on a plane back to me when labor starts.

What's new with baby?

You are a full term little nugget this week! But we don't think we will meet you for a few more weeks. Keep cooking until you're ready baby girl.

Cervix is still closed as of today. But it is starting to thin out around 50% effaced.

You are still moving around a lot these days! I have feet and elbows sticking out everywhere. Don't break anything in there young lady!

You gave me a big scare this morning at the doctors. Your heart rate was way slower than normal, and our midwife had to push you around a bit for it to start picking up. She said you don't like Mommy laying on her back. I hope that was all it was. I am staying off my back from now on!


Our to-do list is getting smaller. Our stroller comes in this week! And we are finishing the nursery!

  • Finish packing hospital bags
  • Deep clean the house for Christmas and company
  • Go for a walk 4x a week
  • Have a special date night with hubs
37 weeks down and 3 to go! Happy Monday friends!


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