Saturday, 15 December 2012

A Letter to my Little One

Dear Baby Girl,

I'm sitting in your room this morning, with gray light streaming in through your newly hung curtains, staring at your empty crib. I don't even know you yet. But this morning I feel the need to hold you close and rock you in my arms. This morning I'm thinking about all the other Mommys and Daddys sitting in dark bedrooms, staring at empty beds that won't be filled again. My heart is breaking for the Momma staring into her closet of wrapped Christmas presents that won't be opened this year. I hurt for the Daddy who has no one to make waffles for this morning.

20 sweet boys and girls woke up yesterday looking for their Elf on the Shelf,  dressing for school, grabbing thier lunchboxes and heading to school. 20 sweet faces gathered in thier classrooms to listen to tales of the Gingerbread boys and girls, and stories of the North Pole. 20 sweet little boys and girls never got on a school bus home yesterday.

Part of me wants to keep you in the only place I know you will always be safe: here inside me. I can't always protect you from the monsters in this world. I won't always be able to shield you from the hurt you'll experience. Your heart will break one day, you'll lose someone you love, you may even find yourself in danger. But you, my little one, will always be my baby. I will love you from the deepest place in my being for as long as I live. I haven't even met you yet, but I'm already your Mommy.

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