Monday, 31 December 2012

Goodbye 2012

To say this year has had highs and lows would be an extreme understatement. Brandon and I have had times of such extreme joy and excitement, and moments of true hurt and devastation. This was a crazy year.

2012 started with us living in Northern Virginia. Brandon had been out of work for a few months and was studying for his boards. I was teaching at a private school in the area. I was so unhappy. I hated the long hours, and the traffic, and felt like I was only home to sleep. Brandon wasn't in great spirits either. Losing your job weeks after your wedding is never part of the plan.

But when things turned around, they turned around fast. Within 2 months Brandon passed his boards, had interviews lined up and secured a job. After months of prayer, we got our answer. Georgia.

Brandon moved our things and got started in a brand new job in March. I was finishing out the school year in Virginia. We had to spend 2 awful months apart. I got to visit one time. Miley and I flew down to see Daddy in April.

That was the hardest goodbye ever. 4 weeks down and 4 to go. And boy was there a surprise waiting for me when I got home.

To say that this was unplanned is an understatement!

We got a puppy! Cooper was planned before the baby, and boy have we got our hands full!

I started to show. And got bigger.

And bigger.

And bigger still.

This year, I have spent close to 7 months with morning sickness. But ate lots of this when I could.

Brandon is doing great in his new position. And even though I don't like South Georgia, I would follow this guy anywhere. Seriously, is my husband gonna be a hot dad or what?

The lows of 2012 make me appreciate what we have so much more. Our marriage has made it through some trials and challenges this year. But it's made me love this man more now than the day I said "I do".

We ended the year on a high note and are anxiously awaiting 2013. This is the year we become someone's Mommy and Daddy. Our lives will now solely revolve around a little person and we could not be more excited!

Wishing you all a wonderful close to 2012, and a Happy, Happy New Year! Hope this coming year is full of happy surprises, love and lots of joy!


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  1. Wow... what a year!! Wishing you and your family the best in 2013!