Thursday, 17 January 2013

1 Week Postpartum Update

Now that you are all caught up on how Baby Reese is doing, I thought I'd tell you about how Mommy is hanging in there. Right now my goals are bonding with baby, getting sleep when I can, and patting myself on the back for taking a shower. But as time goes on, I will be sharing what my fitness plans are. I just don't have any right now.

I am amazed at my body and what it's capable of doing. Birth was an incredible experience. And I expected to feel a lot crappier than I do. I got about 6 internal stitches after delivery. I got no sleep in the hospital that first night because I wanted to hold and stare at my baby all night, but as soon as I'd get her down, someone would be in to check my bp, temperature or check on the baby. So when they asked me if I felt we'll enough to go home after 24 hours I said YES! Thinking that I would lget better rest at home.

My first 24 hours at home were hard. I was on my feet more than I should have. And it was painful to move around a lot those first 2 days. On the third day, my bleeding lightened up, but I swelled up like crazy! It made me really nervous, but I was told it was just all the IV fluids trying to leave the body and it was normal.

My milk came in on Day 3 and holy moly it hurts! I was carrying around boulders. I was really against doing any sort of pumping but the was just no where for all that milk to go. I pumped enough to make me comfortable and by the 1 week mark, the engorgement was pretty manageable. Reese had a hard time latching in the hospital, and when my milk came in, it seemed she had an even more difficult time pulling my nipples out when everything was so firm and full. Nipple shields saved us. I felt so guilty using them. I was so sure breastfeeding would come so natural for me. But I wanted my little one to get enough to eat, and they saved my sanity.

Now at one week post partum I am happy to say we are nursing nipple shield free, I am not bleeding much anymore, and I am keeping up with all these feelings. The night sweats have started, but I suppose they have helped with my swelling. I just hate waking up drenched though!

Emotionally, my hormones feel a little crazy. I don't think I have any baby blues. It's more that I am having a hard time sharing my sweet girl. It's hard having visitors and going hours without her in my arms, biting my tongue and worrying about germs. I just want to lay on the couch in my leggings, nursing bras, huge boobies and hair a mess and not worry about who is here and stealing my baby.

Did any one of you feel like this? Or am I being crazy?

Weight loss is not a big goal right now, but I am anxious to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Since getting pregnant was a bit of a surprise, I wouldn't say my body was in prime shape when I got pregnant. So I feel like I have a lot of work to do.

Okay, I can't believe I'm even going to share these scary pictures but it will keep me accountable and be a good way to measure my progress.

40 weeks pregnant: up 38 lbs

1 day pp: down 10

1 week pp: down 24

Lbs to pre- pregnancy weight: 14 lbs to go

Goals: I will create a new goal weight when I reach my pre- pregnancy weight. Now, I am not complaining! I am amazed at the human body. And I can't believe I lost 24 lbs in a week. But it's a good start.

Food: I am exclusively breastfeeding and hungry all the time. So I am definitely not starving myself. My milk supply is way too important to me. I am eating plenty of oatmeal, fruit, turkey sandwiches, eggs and turkey bacon, dark chocolate and whatever is out in front of me for dinner. I am drinking tons of water too.

Do any of you have any healthy snack ideas for a hungry nursing momma? Any tips on sharing baby so I don't turn into an awful witch?



  1. Oh I was the same way! I would tell my hubby that everyone was hogging my baby that I just worked so hard to make! I don't really have any advice, other than, tell visitors no. Tell them to come later. Use the flu epidemic as an excuse. People understand. She is a newborn and people expect you to be a little overly protective! Btw you look great! Im excited to watch your journey post baby. New follower!

  2. You are totally not crazy! I just wanted to hold my baby, be comfortable, and sleep (when I could) those first few weeks. I promise you it gets better. Some days I would just burst in to tears because I loved my baby so much! After about 3 weeks you'll start to look and feel more like yourself. Congrats girl!

  3. wow only 14 pounds left to go!!! That is so good! A lot better than I was after 1 week!

  4. I think you're in luck! I hope the weight drops off me as fast. Looking forward to following your progress :)