Friday, 25 January 2013

2 Week Postpartum Update

My first week postpartum was a huge success. We had been weaning off the nipple shields, and Reese was doing great breastfeeding. I dropped most of my pregnancy weight and my bleeding was almost gone.

This week I am feeling even better! Reese had been nursing without the help of shields all week. Until 2 days ago, I was thinking my nipples and I were officially roughed up enough and out of the woods. But I started getting a terrible pinching pain on my right nipple. Her latch appeared okay and I didn't notice any signs of a clogged duct or mastitis. After some careful observation and a lot of warm compresses I figured it out. I have a tear, that over the past 2 days has gotten more painful and started to bleed. So I am back to using a shield on that side until it gets healed.

Does anyone have any better advice? I'm desperate to keep my supply but nursing on that side without the shield is unbearable.

Surprisingly, the weight is still coming off. I can't credit it to my eating habits because I have had a sweet tooth this week. Lots of dark chocolate and chocolate chip cookies have been eaten and not enough oatmeal. Oh well. There's always next week, right?

This weeks stats:

Weight loss this week: -7

Weight loss overall: - 31

Pounds to pre- pregnancy weight: 7

Goals for this week: Eat more whole foods, and less empty calorie snacks. Drink lots of water, and try to eat oatmeal every morning. Keep milk supply strong. Try to go for one short walk with the baby every day.

How do you make your oatmeal more enjoyable? Any healthy snack ideas so I stop grabbing the dark chocolate?



  1. Fresh fruit in your oatmeal would probably make it a lot more enjoyable. Not bananas, they have more calories than most fruit. Melons have the least calories, but I'm thinking watermelon in your oatmeal wouldn't be that great! Apples have natural caffeine... maybe add apple chunks and sprinkle with cinnamon.

  2. I wish I had nursing advice for you - I'll know more in three months :) As far as oatmeal goes, the sky's the limit. I add everything from frozen berry medleys and omega trail mixes (from Trader Joe's!) to almond extract, raw honey, sometimes even almond butter. Try making it with coconut milk, too - it thickens it a bit without the calories of cream or whole milk.

  3. I cannot believe you have lost 31 pounds already!! I'm so jealous! My weight is slowly coming off and I'd kill to have only 7 more pounds to go! You are looking great!

  4. Keep using the nipple shield! I know it is an added step to the process but it will allow for healing (w/significantly less pain). Oh and lanolin...lots of lanolin! I know right now it feels like you will be using that thing FOREVER. But soon it will be a distant memory:). Hang in there momma!