Thursday, 24 January 2013

2 week update

Weight: 8lb 5oz: Reese was only weighing 7lb 3oz at our 3 day check. Since my milk was just coming in, I knew not to be too concerned but wanted to get her in for a weight check before our one month visit. I couldn't believe my ears she was up over a pound! I'm so proud of my little piglet!

Sleep: We have had good nights and not so good nights this week. Since Daddy has been away we have been bed sharing, and it seems to make such a difference, she likes to nurse to sleep or just snuggle up or get her hands tucked into my bra... That is how she's sleeping best. I'm also finding she likes sleeping on her side and belly a lot more than her back. I'm a very light sleeper and as long as I can see her nose and mouth, I'm okay with her sleeping however she can.

Diet: Breastmilk, and lots of it. We a feeding on demand during the day and letting her wake me up for night feedings (now that she's up past her birth weight).

Clothes: Amazingly, the newborn clothes that fit so well last week are looking short, we even wore some 0-3 leggings this week. I have a feeling this is our last week or so in newborn clothes and diapers.

Baby Gear Love: We are loving our Snugabunny vibrating chair thing- we can set her on the dining table while we are eating and she is happy as can be. And mommy and daddy get a quick bite.

Visitors: Daddy is away for a work conference this week. And Mommy has her hands full with 2 dogs and little Reese, so my mother in law is staying with us until the weekend. She has completely stocked our freezer and helped entertain the pups while Reese and I rest. She has been a lifesaver.

Milestones: Reese is growing more everyday. She lost her belly button this week and Mommy cried. She gained a pound! She slept for a 5 hour stretch one night, and even tried her paci for the first time during a diaper change.

Forgive me for slacking on the blogging front, I can't bring myself to put her down. Like, at all. Most of our day is pretty much spent like this.

Thank you again for all of the kind words and sweet thoughts. The feeling hasn't worn off, we are still in heaven, soaking up sleepy smiles and little grunts.



  1. THAT PURPLE HAT. I love it :) I love when Matthew sleeps on me, its the best.

  2. Thanks for the update! Glad to hear little Reese and mommy are doing well.

  3. You look beautiful, so content, and little Reese is the sweetest baby girl. It's so great to hear about early parenting successes as you and baby find your rhythm. So wonderful!