Wednesday, 2 January 2013

38 and 39 Week Update

Yes, I'm still pregnant.

Can you tell how thrilled I am? I'm no longer amused.

What's new with momma?

  • I am about 4 days from my due date and still not feeling much closer to the end.
  • Aside from some Braxton Hicks, no sign of contractions
  • Dr appointment will be Thursday and will be scheduling an induction for the following week closer to 41 weeks. I am praying it doesn't come to that. I know a lot of people have successful inductions, but too many people I know had long inductions that ultimately led to c-sections.
  • It's becoming harder to get around lately. Still having really painful aches in my hips and pelvis. A friend recommended finding a chiropractor that specialized in the Webster's technique, to maybe help re-align those areas that are spreading and moving around. But remember- this is a small town! I don't think I'm going to have any luck.
  • I ate like a crazy woman over the holidays. My mom was here and thought she could force the baby out with all the food she made! And now I'm still putting down the left overs. Oink oink.
What's new with baby?

  • You are hovering close to 7lbs now, and running out of room
  • We were still not dilating at our 38 week appointment. Our next one is close to 40, so I am praying for some progress.
  • Everyone is making predictions on when you will arrive. We have officially reached the point where people are checking in with us every day for news.

The nursery is done, the clothes are washed, the bags are packed. We a just waiting on our sweet girl. I know she will be worth the wait. But it sure is an agonizing wait this final week.

Are there any sure and fool proof things you believe put you into labor? I am really trying to avoid an induction next week if I can.

How did any of you keep your sanity going past your due date?


  1. Any day now!! How exciting, your little one will be here in no time!!

  2. Ha, I don't think someone KEEPS their sanity past their due date. If I reach 40 weeks, my doctor had better be inducing me that day...I'm going with my hospital bag in my hand!!