Friday, 18 January 2013

Reese's Birth Story part 1

When I left you with my 40 week update it was clear I was really starting to feel desperate. For some reason, I always imagined going into labor early. Wishful thinking? Yes! I should have known better. Here's what fueled my crazy... I joined one of those crazy Facebook groups through my What to Expect When You're Expecting app and watched girl after girl going into labor before me. Every morning there were more pictures of fat squishy babies and mine was still in my belly, killing my hips, and making me breathe fire every night. In hindsight, I should have taken a chill pill.

My due date came and went. My 40 week OB visit showed I had still made no progress. How depressing! I was not dilating. An induction date was set for January 14 at which point I would have been over 41 weeks pregnant.

I had heard awful things about pitocin and inductions leading to c-sections, so it was time to start trying all these old wives tales to induce myself. I had already been walking for weeks, trying to have sex (those of you who are 40 w pregnant know why I say "trying"), drinking red raspberry leaf tea, taking evening primrose oil, and bouncing on my ball. In my opinion, they did nothing to encourage labor or make it any easier.

I went into the doctor's office for a non-stress test on January 7 at 40w 3d, they hooked me up the machine and left me to listen to beat-beat of my baby's heart and watch the lines wiggle everywhere and I just started crying. I felt so ready to meet my baby, and also so worried that it wasn't happening the way I imagined. My midwife tried to comfort me, reminding me that she would come when she was ready. And encouraging me that most of the inductions she set that week hadn't made it, they went into labor on their own.

When I was checked she was smiling. Please let me be 4 cm, I kept thinking. Nope. 1cm and pretty soft. It was progress. I felt some pressure, and I believe she tried to strip my membranes. According to the non- stress test I was having contractions about 15 minutes apart. I had gotten my hopes up for some silly contractions before and they never turned into anything, but I was feeling like a woman on a mission on my way out of the office that day.

I went straight to the mall to walk around and was feeling a little crampy. In the bathroom I noticed a little spotting, but told myself it was from my exam and not to get excited. The walking kept my contractions coming at 15 minutes apart and I called my mom and mother in law to tell them not to get too excited but I was feeling more than I usually do. They both hopped on a plane that afternoon. I was so afraid we'd be hanging out all week staring at each other if this didn't turn into anything.

If there is a next level of crazy, I went there that afternoon. You would have thought I had met with a witch doctor. I hooked myself up to a breast pump, in hopes of increasing my contractions. I mixed a little black cohosh into my raspberry leaf tea, and rubbed a bit of clary sage oil on my belly and back.

I know, I know. Shake your head at me!

I was having some random contractions but none hurt, it was just a tightness. They didn't feel regular enough to time and I was feeling pretty hopeless. The moms made it in around 9pm and we started watching The Bachelor. I am obsessed with this show. So when I started feeling too tired to finish it, everyone kinda looked at each other. I assured them it was nothing and went to bed. I tossed and turned for an hour or so and woke up to some serious time on the potty. You know what I mean.

I was back in bed and asleep by 12:30am. No contractions, just an upset tummy and tired. Little did I know, my little girl would be in my arms almost 12 hours later.



  1. AHHH!!! Anxiously awaiting Part 2!

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  3. Hahaha! The breast pump is hilarious! I've never heard of that one...when we talked about "nipple stimulation" with my first child to induce labor my husband got all excited. Wouldn't want to take that joy away! Fortunately we didn't need it....