Monday, 21 January 2013

Reese's Birth Story part 2

When I left you with part 1, I was in bed tossing and turning. I fell asleep sometime after 12:30am after several brutal trips to the bathroom and managed to get a solid 2 hours of sleep. I woke up having to pee, nothing out of the ordinary at 40+ weeks pregnant.

I stood up to walk to the bathroom and suddenly was hit with this wall of pressure and pain down low in my stomach. The next hour is a blur. My body was trying to "clean out". I felt awful. I was having terrible contractions and between my time on the potty and throwing up, I hadn't had a moment to time them or even wake Brandon. When things slowed down, I grabbed my phone, opened my Sprout app and started timing the contractions. I always heard these things slowly progressed. But mine were intense and already 2-3 minutes apart. I decided to wake Brandon up to help me time them and decide if it was really time to go in. The rule was 5-1-1. Contractions 5 minutes apart that lasted one minute for over an hour. Well these were already coming so fast. The more we timed them, we found that they were anywhere from 1-3 minutes apart. It was time to wake up the moms and try to get dressed for the hospital. Finally... I knew this was it!

Both moms came rushing into the bathroom and were so excited! I was still throwing up while Brandon packed the car. I told them I thought I might be starting to leak, or I was peeing myself a little. I double checked our list of things not to forget, got myself dressed between contractions, kissed my doggies goodbye and started making my way to the car.

Brandon had towels on my seat which I always swore were unnecessary. He was literally trying to get me to sleep on top of garbage bags those last few weeks, and since my moms water never broke, I assumed mine wouldn't either. But as we rolled up to our first traffic light there was a really warm gush-gush-gush all over lap. I started laughing so hard!

We got ourselves checked in at 3:30am and when they asked to check me, I just knew I had to be at least a 3, my contractions were coming so close! Nope! I was at a 1 and a wiggle. Enter profanity here. I knew they'd be wanting to get me on pitocin quickly, so I asked to walk around the hospital to progress on my own as much as I could. They strapped me in a diaper, Brandon held my hand, I held onto the railing and rolled my head back and forth on the wall until the contraction passed.

I made it an hour or so before heading back to the room. The contractions were still coming close and hurt so bad. It's hard to put into words until you've gone through it, but I knew at this point I was going to need an epidural. I was glad I had written my birth plan with an open mind, knowing pain management might be needed. When I was checked and only 3cm, I was over it! Bring on the epidural!

I got the best epidural ever at 7am. I didn't even feel it. I remember being nervous about what it would feel like, but it was no big deal! After I had my epidural, I started progressing really quickly. By noon I was an 8 and suddenly feeling pain again. I had also started throwing up again. They were pumping me with Zofran but it was doing no good. I was going to go out of this pregnancy the same way I came into it.

I started pushing almost 20 minutes later. I pushed as hard as I could. My midwife helped me stretch and oiled me up. She was so encouraging. Brandon was the best coach. He reminded me to slow my breathing between contractions, he held my puke bag which I used the entire time I pushed, and was the most wonderful partner. He was stronger than I thought he would be. After 35 minutes of pushing, I felt the rest of her little body slip out. I watched Brandon walk over and cut our baby's cord, and they placed her on my chest.

I just rocked her and cried, cried, cried. I couldn't believe it was over. The heartburn, the 7+ months of morning sickness, the sore hips, the mood swings. It was over, and yet here was this beautiful little baby looking up at me, and it was like my life had just reset itself. We were starting over. It was just the beginning.

Brandon and I held each other and held our baby close and said a prayer. We prayed that we would be good parents, that we would raise her with patience and humor and more love than she knows what to do with. We prayed that we would be good partners to each other, that Reese would be raised with two parents who loved each other all the time and showed it in front of her.

Born at 1:04pm at 7 lbs 9oz and 20 1/2 inches of pure perfection, Reese Elizabeth made us a Mommy and Daddy.

And if you really want to feel like you were there with us, and see all the tears we cried seeing our beautiful girl, watch our birth video.



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  5. Great story! Our daughters are 2 days apart...and our pregnancies and labors sound very similar including the heartburn and 7+ months of morning sickness! I like that your husband thought of towels for the car - we definitely didn't do that - and it wasn't pretty! haha :)