Thursday, 31 January 2013

Surviving life with a newborn

Okay so let me rephrase this, you don't really survive being a new mom, you get through. In my case, it's 2 in the afternoon, I only just brushed my teeth. I have a baby in one arm staring at me through ONE open eye, warning me that when I decide to put her down, that I will live to regret it!

Do you know how much gets done with one hand? Well, I only just managed to change the shirt with 3am spit up down the front. I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and had to laugh. I don't think I've actually looked at myself in days and girlfriend needs a serious eyebrow wax.

But since some of my blogger friends are in the same boat and some slowly approaching mommyhood, I thought I'd share some of my must-haves for surviving postpartum life.

  • Makeup? Get real. The less you put on, the less has to come off before bed, or before fighting to burp a fussy baby. Get yourself a good tinted moisturizer, and some Chapstick. If you are really trying to make a statement, maybe put on some mascara. I really love this tinted moisturizer by Sonya Kashuk for Target. Get some good makeup remover wipes so you can take off your makeup with your one free hand.
  • Belly bandit. Ok I have only worn mine a total of 2 hours in 3 weeks, but if you want something to make you feel less squishy and mushy, get this! It's wonderful, but I hate how it bunches when I'm sitting, and since Reese is literally on the boob 24/7, it hasn't seen much action.
  • Comfortable nursing bras. These nursing bras by Cake are the most amazing things I've ever worn. I own 2 and constantly reach for these over any others in my drawer. They are soft and stretchy, and keep everything held in when you're sleeping. Gilligan O'Malley also makes some good ones at Target.
  • Full coverage panties. Oh you still plan on rocking those lacy thongs? Think again mama! Wait til you see how hot they look with a big fat pad squeezing out the sides. I wore these underwear through pregnancy and every day since baby. They are stretchy without making anything bulge, no riding or bunching either.
  • Yoga pants that suck in the baby bulge. These Zella yoga pants are thick, soft, stretchy, have a high thick waistband and are reversible. Does it get better? I think not. I have plenty of Old Navy yoga pants laying around, but these were worth the splurge!
  • Long tanks. Don't bother with fancy nursing tanks. Good old fashioned long tanks from Target are perfect for busy nursing round' the clock mamas like me. Just yank one strap down, unclip your nursing bra and get to it!

Stock up on pads of every size and shape (breast, overnight, thin, panty liners) and a gallon of lanolin for those nips. Other than these essentials, get yourself a new grandma to help stock your freezer, grab a pair of slippers, and your set.

What helped you survive these early days with a new baby? How long did it take for you to start leaving the house? Not only am I scared of germs, but terrified of a fussy baby who won't take a paci.



  1. I could barely walk the last month of my pregnancy, so once she was out, I couldn't stand to sit still. I probably overdid it a time or two, but I was so happy to move around without any pain. We were out and about a few days after we came home from the hospital.

  2. I'm scared of leaving the house with newborn in tow as well! My little one knows how to scream and does it for no reason at all! So it will be a while before I muster up so me courage to bring her out!

  3. yoga pants and tanks YES, that is generally what i wear all day long.

  4. I just found your blog loving it! Newest follower!

    I agree on the yoga pants they are all I wear 24/7, I even try to rock them at work wooops