Monday, 11 February 2013

1 Month Postpartum Update

What a month it's been! I can't tell you how much I love being a Mommy. I feel like we are finding some sort of normalcy around here and I am feeling so much more like myself. My body is feeling back to normal.

This month I really put no pressure on myself to lose a certain amount of weight. I wanted to focus on time with my baby, breastfeeding, and getting into our own little routine. I was blown away with how easily the weight came off. I credit it all to breastfeeding. I haven't done much exercise and don't eat much differently than I did when I was pregnant. I drink a ton of water and feed little Reese on demand, and I am getting very close to being back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Though the weight came off quickly, I am not nearly where I want to be. Things have shifted around and gotten really soft. I was severely sick for the first 6 months of my pregnancy and was medicated til the day I delivered, so I can tell you aside from walking, I did not exercise at all during those 9 months. I know... How terrible. My once, cute, round butt is now flat and soft. What was once there has now attached itself to my hips. And my belly still feels like a water bed. So I am going to start making myself some more aggressive goals for each month in hopes I can enjoy my summer back in cute clothes and a bathing suit.

Weight loss this week: -2

Weight loss this month: -34

Lbs to pre-pregnancy weight: 4

Here's a look at my progress so far:

Now that my weight loss has slowed down, I will only be updating monthly. I hope it helps me see how much progress is being made.

February goals:

  • Lose remaining 4 pounds to pre-pregnancy weight
  • Exercise 4 days a week
  • Drink 100 oz of water a day
  • Eat at least one veggie every day

When I reach my February goal, I am going to treat myself to my first pedicure since baby. I am looking forward to it already.


I don't have a gym membership and it isn't very easy to get out of the house with Reese for a jog in the stroller, so I am going to try to exercise at home this month. I have a few video exercise programs collecting dust that I'm planning to try this month. Jillian Michael's 30 day shred which I used and loved back in the day. I also have Turbofire and Insanity sitting in their boxes. I know for a fact I am not ready for Insanity. But I am going to try to work my way up to it.


Anyone have any exercise programs they use and love?


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  1. I do have an exercise I would NOT recommend after pregnancy lol which is p90x, it was WAY to much for a post par tum mom haha!