Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Baby's First Valentine's Day

Now that I'm a mama, every holiday is going to be celebrated like Christmas. I think it's why I became a teacher, because I love celebrating holidays with kids. They make them so much fun.    Dr. Suess' birthday? Why yes, we make green eggs and ham. Thanksgiving? How many turkeys can we make with your handprint?

Brandon and I agreed that this Valentine's Day will be about Reese. Now that we are starting our family, we can celebrate holidays all week long. And even though Reese is not nearly old enough to enjoy it, we will shower her with love anyway. Here's a look at what our little girl can expect on Valentine's Day.

Reese Valentine's Day

.1. Cause she's gotta show mama some love.

.2. Daddy needs some love too.

.3. We lose socks left and right, and how cute are these?

.4. Now that she is more alert, I need more than funny faces to keep her entertained.

.5. Conversation hearts on jammys? Yes please.

.6. My baby still has no hair, but this is just wishful thinking.

.7. It's the teacher in me. We need books for every occasion and holiday.

.8. This is the sweetest little book. Any excuse I have to smooch this girl is a winning book to me.

Brandon and I promised not to exchange gifts, but I am secretly hoping for some dark chocolate deliciousness. What kinds of things are you showering your little one with this year? 


  1. All of the above? So stinkin' sweet. How fun to celebrate Valentine's Day with your little love.

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