Friday, 15 February 2013

Friday Confessions

Friday couldn't have come soon enough this week. Here's how I really feel.
I confess that...

1. Brandon, I wanna punch you in the nose in the middle of the night as you sleep so soundly through our daughters cries. Especially when you mumble something about "sea turtles" in your sleep. I'd like to dream about sea turtles too, but I'm cleaning a poo-splosion.
2. Brandon had big plans to cook dinner for us on Valentines Day. We had McDonalds. That. Really. Happened.
3. I haven't used a blow dryer since the 2nd trimester. Get yourself together woman!
4. I am totally going to follow @TierrasEyebrow on Twitter. No one can take my sparkle away either.

5. I am going to be the first person ever to lose all my baby weight eating dark chocolate.

Anything you wanna get off your chest? Link up with Leslie. Have a great weekend loveys!


  1. I seriously LOL'd at confession 1 & 2. Died

  2. I felt the SAME way when my little boy, Cooper was first born. Ha! I had to refrain from smacking my husband Ben in the head with my pump while he slept. Too funny. Happy weekend!

  3. I am DYING! You are so funny! Man, Tierra... I can't control mine either.

  4. Love these! And no one can take my Sparkle either! ha SOO funny! Don't worry, I think we have all felt that way towards our husbands while their snoozing away and we are hard a work cleaning poo! ha Happy Weekend!