Thursday, 14 February 2013

Love the One You're With

I consider myself extremely blessed. I have been given the greatest example of real lasting love. My parents.

Yea, they really are that cute.

My parents couldn't be more opposite. But they have made it work for 30 years and have been the purest example for my siblings and I for what to look for in a partner. My father made it extremely hard for me to settle down. I didn't think I could find someone who could love me as much as he does. Or that I could find someone who takes care of his family as much as he does.

When I was little, he was the one getting me up and dressed before school. It took 20 minutes for him to get my hair into a pony tail each morning. He made the best waffles, and always read my Bible stories with me before putting me on the bus.

And I met Brandon. He was all wrong for me.

But thank goodness I found him. He is the perfect balance to my crazy, OCD, planning, conservative personality. He is silly, sensitive, spontaneous and affectionate. He not only tells me how much he loves me every day, but he can't keep his hands off me (even when I don't like it). He makes me want to be a better partner.

Making time to love each other is not always easy. Having a new baby in the house is distracting. I feel like I spend so much time loving her that Brandon tends to get the leftovers. I think a lot of parents feel this way.

Have you heard of the 5 love languages by Gary Chapman? I think this is such a great book for all couples to read. It helped Brandon and I figure out what kinds of things the other needs to feel loved. The 5 love languages are:

  • Words of affirmation: when you praise our spouse, compliment the way they look, how great dinner was, etc
  • Quality time: you want to turn the tv off and enjoy a walk together, plan an outing, go grocery shopping together or take a cooking class
  • Gifts: you shower you're loved one with gifts to show hw much you care
  • Acts of service:you do thi gs for your spouse to show how much you care. Getting their car washed, making dinner, folding laundry, organizing the office, etc
  • Physical touch: self explanatory ;)

The love language you speak is the one you crave the most in return. I am Acts of Service and Quality Time. So what gets me going? When my husband comes home from work and takes my crazy dogs out, and cleans up after dinner. Loading the dishwasher is my kind of foreplay!

But Brandon is completely opposite. He is a Physical Touch kinda guy. He smacks my butt, tries to kiss me when I'm busy cooking, etc. And I honestly struggle to give him the affection he needs sometimes.

Today, and everyday, we love each ther the most and best we can. And little Reese has only made that love stronger. Watching Brandon become a father is the sexiest thing ever. Daddy looks so good on him.

Love the one you're with even more tomorrow than you do today. Give and accept each others affection. Praise your spouse even for the little things. Plan something fun for you to do together, even if its weeks away. And most of all, pray for one another. Even better, pray together.

Just like car that gets low on gas, take the time to fill each others "love tank" every day.

Wishing you and your loves a wonderful Valentine's Day today!



  1. Reese and your husband look so much alike!!

  2. I love the last pic how sweet :)!! & the wedding photos are gorgeous!!