Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Spring is in the Air

spring outfits for the little one

Let's be honest, I am not quite ready to leave my yoga pants and postpartum wear behind me. Spring may be in the air, but I am gonna keep slumming it until I don't feel like such a huge ball of mommy flab. Or until the Georgia heat forces me to buy something with a little less coverage.

But just because Mommy is okay with being hot mess, doesn't mean little Reese has to suffer along side me. Here are a few things I'm planning to pick up for her spring wardrobe. I will be honest, one of the best things about having a baby is waking up and dressing her like a doll, matching headband included. She will hate me one day.

What are you adding to your little one's wardrobe this spring? Do you go all out for St. Patrick's Day? Any Easter outfit ideas?


  1. love the outfits :) so pretty & calm!!

  2. So freaking cute!!!! I wish I could fit in these clothes! ;) And your comment today made me smile!! "Girl Crush" it!!