Monday, 4 February 2013

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Friends! Is it really happy? I hope it is for some of you. I am about 10% happy, and 90% delusional and sleep deprived. When Reese stayed up for almost the whole Superbowl game, (although to be honest it wasn't very exciting), I thought we were in for a great night of sleep. Nope, we were up every hour and a half to two hours and also blew out 3 sets of jammys. It's all fun and games around here!
Here's what our weekend looked like via Insta.

Splish splash I was takin a bath
I'm wearing this so every woman stops and tells me how cute we are
Lazy Superbowl Sunday
But Mommmm, green isn't my color....
Friday night was a romantic date over our little ducky. We drag out bath time as long as possible, and cross our fi gets for a sleepy girl at bedtime. We took our first family outing to Target on Saturday, and we had no meltdowns! Reese snuggled up to her Daddy in the Moby, and it felt so good to be back among the living! Yesterday we literally didn't get out pajamas. Sundays are nice like that. No Superbowl parties for us, we grilled steaks, and watched the Superbowl in our sweats snuggled up on the couch.

What did you all do this weekend? Anyone win any money? I'm accepting virtual hugs to get me through this Monday.


  1. {HUGS}. Hopefully you and the baby girl can squeeze in a nap together today!

  2. Congrats on your beautiful baby!!! I'm in the same sleep deprived state you are in and have been there for the last 7 months! Oh the joys of sweet babies!!! New follower!!

  3. Get a good, girl!! You deserve it. :)

  4. Little frown face :) how cute with daddy & baby!!

  5. She is just precious. Hopefully her sleep patterns will stretch out a bit. We always put Avery in a size up diaper for bed, that seemed to help with the blow outs.

  6. Sending you one giant virtual hug. You're a strong mama!