Monday, 11 March 2013

2 month favorites

2 month favorites

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1. Reese has finally started enjoying her swing in the last few weeks. She even snoozes for her morning nap there! The snug a bunny swing has a little mirror on the mobile, and Reese has found her reflection. It is the sweetest thing. Mommy loves that this swing plugs in. The more batteries we can save the better.

2. The Aprica Open Air pack n play is the best. I love that I'm able to see her in it from across the room. The bassinet setting is the best. The mattress is much more substantial than other pack n plays, and we have been trying to transition Reese here for naps, instead of always wanting to be in Mommy's arms.

3. The Nosefrida freaks people out, but in my opinion is a must have! It works so much better than those bulb things. I use this everyday. And Reese actually giggles when we use it, I think it tickles her nose. I'm actually grossly addicted to how well it sucks snot out.

4. This cute little Buggy is the first toy Reese has shown interest in. It has little chime in it and rings to get her attention. We attach it to her swing's mobile or carseat. She has recently starting reaching out and touching it.

5. We are co-sleeping, so we aren't using this at night, but I love using it during her nap time. The color is so clear, and the night vision is perfect! It plays 5 different lullabies, and even has 2 way speakers in case I need to tell Reese something important during her nap. ;) 

6. We tried our first bottle of breast milk at 7 weeks old. She was very upset. She felt lied to. There was no tricking our girl, she knew it wasn't her Mommy. However after a week of practice she takes her Tommee Tippee like a pro. Daddy gives her a 2-3oz bottle each night while Mommy cleans up after dinner. It's also a much easier way to give her her vitamins and probiotic.

7. Reese has been a gassy baby since we brought her home. And although she manages to get the gas out, I felt so bad that she would grunt so much at night. Since we have started these probiotics, her tummy seems much calmer. She poos regularly and hasn't had much painful gas. The Klaire Labs probiotic comes in powder form and shipped in a cool pack, keeping all the live cultures intact. Love this!

We are looking forward to Reese interacting more and learning to enjoy her toys. She hasn't quite learned to grab things yet, and is still working on holding her head up. But I have a feeling month 3 is going to bring many more favorites for our little girl.


  1. we LOVE our snug a bunny swing!! Christian will ONLY nap in this or in the car! It is seriously the best!! :)

  2. LOVE the nose frida
    We just took our bunny swing down after 7 months and I have to admit I cried:( best thing ever

  3. The Nose Frida is the best invention ever! I can't imagine getting through a cold without it :)