Wednesday, 13 March 2013

2 Month Pospartum Update

Ok I am going to admit it. I was kind of disappointed with how hard it has been to lose these last couple pounds of baby weight. I was spoiled. Most of the weight dropped off with almost no effort those first few weeks. But man, these last few were tough. I have a feeling it's going to be an uphill battle from here.

I was cleared for exercise at my 6 week checkup with my doctor. I wasn't really sure where to start. I had no idea how out of shape I was. I started the Couch to 5k program, and although I may not be doing as often as I should, I am enjoying the fresh air and I am keeping up with the workouts. Unfortunately Reese isn't always on board. If she wails in the stroller for more than a half a mile, I stop, and head home with her in my arms, pushing the stroller ahead of me. Which sucks.

So on days when she is fussy, or all of this crazy Georgia rain keeps us inside, I pop her in her swing for a cat nap and do a Jillian Michaels DVD. When I tell you I think that woman is trying to put me in the hospital, I mean it. I am so sore for days after a workout that it puts me out of commission for a day or two. I feel so frustrated with my body. But I know I need to start somewhere and every week will get easier to run and do my workouts.

My eating has been okay. I have been tracking my calories, allowing myself enough to keep up with breastfeeding. Because that, to me, is much more important than dropping the weight super quickly. I  am aiming for 1700-1800 calories a day. And this gives me more than enough to be satisfied. I just struggle with getting hungry before bed. If I really need something, I have a bowl of cereal.

Weight loss this month: -4 lbs

Total weight loss:-38 lbs

Pounds to pre-pregnancy weight:0!!!

Progress photos:

I am so proud of myself for losing the baby weight, but unfortunately I am not done! Not only is my body is great need of toning up and getting strong again, but it just so happens that my pre-pregnancy weight was one of my heaviest weights ever. Remember, Reese was a pretty big surprise. I had always planned on being in the best shape of my life when I got pregnant. Ha! Life had other plans. So I am going to continue sharing my journey and fitness goals here.

3rd month goals:

  • Lose 4 lbs
  • Exercise 4 days a week
  • Track calories
Overall weight loss goal: 20 lbs

In an effort to feel better about my progress, I am going to start keeping track of my body measurements along with the weight loss. I'm hoping to see these inches melt off. 

How do you stay motivated to work out? What are your go-to workouts at home? 


  1. You look great! Don't be too hard on yourself, losing the baby weight doesn't happen over night :)
    Funny I just saw this, I literally just wrote a post about how I have literally had no motivation to work out lol But having my old stomach back would definitely be worth some intense workouts :)

  2. So far it's been a lot harder for me with baby #2.

  3. I'm sending you a big 'ol high five because you look great! You are doing a great job and need to give yourself mad props for eating well and exercising with a 2 month old. It sure isn't easy! Hang in there- the weight will come off :)

    Brittany (

  4. You look amazing! I see a picture between the first picture in the last. I lost all my weight within the first week but during the third month, additional weight start falling off without me doing anything. I think it takes a full three months for the body to adjust.

    1. see a major difference* (mommy brain)

  5. It took 9 months to grow that baby/change your body so you just have to be patient! Easier said than done I know. I typically lose all my "baby weight" in the first month or two BUT my body doesn't seem back to "normal" until about 6 months post-partum. It will get better:)

  6. Hey, I can totally relate to you. I was 10 lbs over my ideal weight when I got pregnant, and then I gained waaaay too much during the pregnancy. I had gained 58 lbs by the time I delivered! I had a c-section too, so exercise has been limited. I am now 7 weeks pp and ready to go! 45 lbs fell off in the last 7 weeks, which has been awesome but I am left with a dough-y 31 inch belly and a double chin. It's gross. It's nice to see that I am not alone in my fitness pursuits though, so thanks for sharing!! It's encouraging. You look great and I can see the progress you've already made :)

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