Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Are we there yet?

In Reese's 10 short weeks of life, I would say the past 3 days have been the worst days of her life! I mean, not to be dramatic, but I had no idea how much she depended on our routine. Let's just say, all the time in the car, getting to doctor appointments, and sleeping in a hotel that didn't smell like her home made my sweet baby lose her mind!

The past 3 days we've gotten less sleep, had our first projectile vomit, our first complete melt down, and spent more time in the car than either of us would have liked. Nothing broke my heart more than being stuck in Atlanta traffic with my little love screaming her head off, getting to the hotel and just not being able to console her. She wouldn't even nurse. She screamed herself into a sweat, and then screamed herself into a four hour nap.

The good news is that we met with a wonderful doctor and got informed about Reese's hemangioma, and have a plan in place. That alone, made the whole trip worth it! Considering that Reese's H has not grown very much in the last few weeks is great news. They tend to grow pretty aggressively the first few months and we can feel pretty confident at this point that it isn't going to take off on us. We are going to monitor her little spot over the next few weeks and then possibly be able to treat this thing topically, which is a great non-invasive option.

I am so thankful for the prayers and warm thoughts coming from our friends and family, and all of you. I know Reese is in good hands.


  1. She's beautiful!! I hate Atlanta traffic and I can relate with how Reese feels about it. I wanna scream and cry when I get caught in it too. I'm so glad y'all met with an awesome doctor though and that things are working out!! God is good!

  2. I am so happy that you are hearing positive news!! Keeping your family in my prayers! What a little beauty!!

  3. Awww! It's okay... I feel like theres always a moment where you wish you can console your baby but there isnt really much you can do. On another note: I'm glad you guys found a good doctor!


  4. I'm glad Reese's appointment went well! It really is crazy how much babies need & rely their routines... B is an absolute mess if we don't stick to ours!

  5. Positive news! Great to hear :) I nominated you for a liebster :)