Saturday, 9 March 2013

Reese is 2 months old!

Age: 2 months
Stats: 11 lb 10 oz/ 23 inches long

Milestones: I swear my baby is changing every single day. This month was such a wonderful one for Reese. Our baby knows us now! There is nothing sweeter than watching her look up at me and smile so big. She recognizes our voices and faces, and responds with smiles and funny faces.
She is also able to focus on objects. She loves watching the birdies in her swing and watching Mommy shake her rattles and toys. She isn't grabbing anything yet, but I try to help her grab on to them.
Reese took her first bottle this month. I have been trying to pump a few oz a day so that Brandon can give her a bedtime bottle. I am usually really needing a few Mommy moments to myself by the end of the day, and want to give B some bonding time with Reese. Well, she isn't really a fan. She will drink an oz or so, and then gets really, REALLY upset. Lip quivering, purple face upset, like we have lied to her with this artificial nipple. We are going to keep working on it.

Sleep: We are sleeping a bit differently this month than last. During the first month, I worked really hard to establish a routine: eating, diaper change, swaddle, rock and shush to sleep, put in Rock n Play and rock til I know she's out. Sometimes she would make it 3 hour stretches, sometimes an hour. But in the middle of the night, I had the hardest time getting her back down after a feeding. She would wake up as soon as I laid her down. And this mama was getting tired!

I gave up, in some sense. And gave in to what she wanted... Her mama. We are co-sleeping right now for the most part. She sleeps so good next to me, that its a hard habit to break. She never wakes up upset when she is in bed with me. It's easy to just whip out the boob and nurse her in bed, we both fall asleep that way. It keeps us both well rested. But poor Brandon ends up in the guest room most of the time. I have been feeling really guilty about it, cosleeping. I have been feeling I'm spoiling her, and that she will be in our bed forever, and I'm not doing the right thing for her. But ya know what? I'm doing what works for us. And I think right now, being close to me IS what's best for her. It's exactly what she needs right now, so that's where we are at.
We wake up sometime between 7-8 am, and usually back down til 11am after a good feeding and diaper change. She cat naps during the day, a half an hour here and there. I'd really like a longer nap time during the afternoon but she wakes up as soon as I lay her down. Any tips? Help? Pleeeeease?

Eating: Breastfeeding on demand. I am so happy that nursing is still going so well. i absolutely love it, and feel such a sweet bond when we feed. I feel like she eats more frequently than any other baby. Probably because she doesn't take a paci, so she likes to nurse just to soothe herself sometimes. We have tried 4 different brands and I don't think the paci is gonna happen! :( She is starting to find her fingers and likes suckling on her knuckles now.

Clothing: Reese is still in 0-3 month clothing, but we did pack up a few of her jammys this week and pull out some 3-6 month ones. It's kinda breaking my heart, not gonna lie!

Favorite moments: Our favorite moments this month, have definitely been watching her interact with us. We love talking to her and watching her smile and twirl her tongue around like she's trying to respond to us. It's the cutest thing. Bath time is fun too. She gets so relaxed, and loves the warm water.

Worst moments: Mommy had a bit of the blues for a week or two. Reese has wanted to be in my arms all the time, day and night. So between cosleeping, and having to hold her all day, I had been feeling a bit touched out. I wish you liked to take naps in your crib or pack n play during the day.

I can not believe our baby is 2 months old. It doesn't seem real. I can tell you I am not taking one minute for granted. I am so blessed to be able to be home with Reese. We make sacrifices so that I can stay home, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I remember feeling so sad when she turned a month old, but I am finding that every month brings new and exciting new things for Reese. It's so much fun watching her grow and learn to socialize. This next month we will celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Daddy's birthday, our first Easter, and our first mini vacation! I am so excited for all that's ahead for us.


  1. So sweet - she is just adorable. I remember those early days when Waverly wanted to be held all day ... It got a little hard. But t does get better - I promise!!! :)

  2. She's so cute!

    I don't know if you've received the Liebster Award before, but either way, you've received it from me today. Feel free to ignore this if you've already been nominated. Have a great weekend!

  3. She is so cute! Hello baby fever!

  4. Naps really started working for us when I put her on a schedule during the day, but all babies are different.

  5. She is the cutest. And how much do I love the pic with her wearing the "seriously cute" shirt and her little face!

  6. she is so sweet!! Christian will only nap in the car, or in his swing... does she like to nap in the swing at all? Maybe that will help !

  7. She is adorable. My baby only naps in the swing -- maybe you can try that? he is five months and also hates the bottle and only will drink one if he is starving.

  8. First of all - your baby girl is A D O R A B L E!!! Second - I'm so glad that you started following me, because it led me to your blog - which I love!!! :)