Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Insta Thursday

Happy Thursday! It's so close to Friday that my brain is going to explode so today you get an Instagram dump. Here's a peek at what we've been up to this week!

Reese actually started taking interest in "Sophie the $22 dog toy". This was one of those items I just had to register for, because everyone tells you thier kid love it. I know my dogs love it more. But I was excited to see something was going in my baby's mouth besides her fists these days!

It's official. I'm obsessed. Please tell me I'm not the only one. Have you checked out Baublebar yet? Talk about the perfect place to find all your favorite statement jewelry. And it won't break the bank. I took advantage of their 3 pairs of studs for $45 last week. Because honestly, any cute chunky necklaces or dangly earrings get ripped off by a baby in .2 seconds. Pics to come.

I couldn't forget about little Goose. I happen to be doing an exchange when I was suddenly drawn to the baby rack. 40% off you say? Sold! Most of this stuff is way too big for her but I couldn't resist picking some things up for the future.

Reese is finally coming out of her funk. It's amazing how quickly she's developing all these little human skills. She is still working on rolling over, and is suddenly shoving her hands in her mouth all of the time. No teeth yet. Just general interest in her fingers I think.

There ya have it. I'm linked up over here today. Go dump your Insta too!


  1. I have heard so many good things about the Sophie toy, apparently it is something I need to go get! When did Reese start holding/chewing on it?

  2. My son loves his sophie but I think it's the sophie junior. Same price, just shaped a bit different. I dont know what it is about sophie but the babies go nuts.


  3. Hey! Thanks for sharing in Instagram Thursday! I will have to check out the Baublebar! And your babe is a doll! Blessings... Christa

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