Monday, 1 April 2013

The Sea was Calling

Since Brandon and I live so far away (middle of freaking nowhere) we don't get visitors too often. So when my parents decided to visit for a few days, we decided to drive down to the Florida Gulf Coast for a night. Now, Panama City Beach is pretty much trash central. But If you haven't experienced the beauty that is 30A, you aren't living.

Brandon and I got married in a park near Seaside, called Eden Gardens so we thought it would be pretty cool to take pictures under our wedding tree with our little bundle. It brought back so many memories walking through the park under moss draped trees and remembering our wedding day, and how far we've come in two years. I never imagined life would be as sweet as it is right now.

We bundled Reese up and onto the beach and wiggled her toes in the sand.  I have a feeling she will love the beach, just like her momma.

We sipped lemonade, visited the food trucks, shopped and enjoyed the sunshine. It was awesome.
We made it back home for Easter, and even though Reese won't remember a thing, we got her in her Easter's finest, adorned with bunny ears and all, and took 100 pictures of her staring at her Easter basket.

Reese has been growing and changing daily! She literally woke up one day and decided to laugh out loud and roll over all in one day. She suddenly loves her toys. Especially kicking them with her feet. She is shoving her whole fist into her mouth like all day long! We spend her awake time reading books, doing tummy time, cooing at her each other, and playing with toys. I can't believe my peanut is going to be 3 months old next week.

And talk about being a proud Mommy, check this out... I can't get enough of her!

trim.gcbWxW from Megan Todd on Vimeo.


  1. Those cheeks!! So cute... love her Easter outfit! :)

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