Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Dear Reese

Dear Reese,

Watching you grow these last 4 months have been the greatest joy of my life. I knew it would happen. That you would get bigger, you'd find your voice, and smile, and fingers and toes. But I wasn't ready for it.


You were my newborn, and now you're my baby. You don't even smell like a newborn anymore. You used to dose off on my chest all day long. And now you think naps are no fun. You used to fit so snugly on my chest. Now you drape yourself down to my hips.


I remember when your Daddy and I saw you smile for the first time. Even at a few weeks old, you were laughing in your sleep. That sound made me gush. Nothing had ever sounded so sweet before. We loved watching you smile in your sleep and couldn't wait til the day you looked at us and smiled hello.

Now you are full of personality. You smile all the time. We know you're really happy when you flap your arms and legs. We also know when you're mad, but I'll save that for another day. You are my little sidekick. Getting to hang out with you all day is greatest job in the world.


I wish I could freeze these moments in time. I'd savor each new laugh, every morning snuggle, and all those new expressions all over again.

There were moments in the beginning that scared me. Where I felt like I could never live up to motherhood's expectations and responsibilities. There were moments I felt stretched too thin, my body felt too tired, I was so scared I wouldn't be enough for you. But we found our rhythm.

If there's anything I want you to know as you grow, it's how loved you are. You are my sun, moon and stars. You are my reason for living. You made your Daddy and I a family. And it's the most sacred thing in the world to us.

This is my first Mother's Day. And it's greater than I ever hoped. Somehow, being your Mommy feels like it was always meant to be. This is my life's greatest purpose.

I love you Goose.

As big as the sky,




  1. LOVE this, Megan! I totally feel the same way. :)

  2. This is the sweetest thing! Love her cute little smile...so precious :)

  3. What a beautiful little girl you have! Love that name too!