Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Here's to Two Years!

Two Years ago seems like yesterday. I woke up a bundle of nerves, surrounded by my best friends, in what might have been, the best sleepover slumber party week of my life. We had rented out the penthouse of a condo building overlooking the Florida Gulf. I remember sitting on the balcony, coffee cup in hand, going over list after list in my head. It was my wedding day. Where had time gone?

I had been planning my wedding for 8 months, and I loved every minute of it. I submerged myself in every wedding blog known to man, lined up my vendors, and DIY-ed my booty off. The planning was the best part!

The day was finally here, no more long weekend drives to see each other, no more trading time with our pup and packing duffel bags. I was finally gonna marry this guy. And I was so excited. I dated a lot in college. I brought home a lot of guys. But I was always holding out for something better. Something always held me back from jumping in with my whole heart. And then there was Brandon.

And everything about him made me wanna run the opposite direction. And I tried. But he didn't give up on me. Thank God for that. God knew better than I did what I needed in a husband. And I believe this man was picked out especially for me. To laugh with me, to tease me, to love me, to cry with me. God chose to give me my best friend for life.

In our short two years of marriage we have already weathered some storms. There were a lot of reasons to lose hope in God's plan. But He brought us through it. It's made us stronger. If you had asked us 2 years ago where we'd be today, I never in a million years would have told you we'd be waking up with a 4 month old. Never. But that is what is so special about being on this journey with Brandon. I have learned to expect the unexpected, and trust that God knows us better than ourselves. Two years later and we have found ourselves more in love, more trusting, and more blessed than we could have ever planned.

Here's to Two, and for 70 more!


  1. This is absolutely beautiful - you look stunning!!! I have a hunch that when the time comes, the planning will be my favorite part too :) I love decorating and crafting... and generally just making pretty things, haha. Congratulations on such a big milestone!


  2. GORGEOUS photos!!! Happy happy anniversary!!!! :)

  3. Beautiful photos! We were married on May 28th 2011, and honeymooned on the Gulf Coast of Florida right after. We may have been there at the same time :p