Friday, 17 May 2013

Let's Be Friends Bloglovin' hop

Happy Friday! We did it! It's just about time to unwind for the weekend, and I couldn't be happier! I am so excited to co-host the Let's be friends Bloglovin' hop this week with my friend Tiffany. As the end to Google Reader slowly approaches, this link-up is a great way to promote your blog through bloglovin'. Change is never easy, but I am warming up to it. I like the layout and scheme of things over in Bloglovin' land.

It is time for the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop #13!

We reached our goal of 85 link ups last week! YAY! This week our goal is to reach 100- can we do it? Yes we can. Promote this blog hop by putting the button on your page, or throwing a shout out at the end of your post today or tomorrow. The more link ups we have the more our blogs will grow! Invite a friend, tweet it, or let your facebook bloggy friends know! :)


Mandi from All My Happy Endings is my other host. She is an awesome friend I have met through blogging. We are committed to growing and promoting this blog hop.

Have fun and meet some friends!

Francesca from The Happy One

Angela from My Silly Life



  1. Thanks for following back! Glad to join this week and I am excited to follow your blog as well! :) happy Friday!

  2. New follower and I ADORE YOUR HEADER! Oh my gosh! Im such a sucker for pretty design haha.


  3. Hiya... New follower from the Lets Be Friends hop.

    Hope you get a chance to follow back. :-)

  4. This is such a fun idea!! Following on Bloglovin, GFC and Pinterest. Feel free to check out my blog and let's keep in touch!


  5. Hi!! FOund you through the blog hop. Your baby is just darling! I really look forward to following along. :) Xoxo

  6. I'm so excited about the blog Hop!! Please follow me at