Wednesday, 8 May 2013

mother's day picks

It's almost Mother's Day! I know I should be telling my husband and daughter that their love is all I need, but really? An excuse for a few fancy things never hurt anyone. My husband is a complete last minute kinda guy, so honey... this is for you. You know how I know my husband hasn't gotten anything yet? Because along with doing things last minute, he can't keep a surprise, or hold onto gifts for more than a few hours before revealing them. It's kinda cute, he gets really excited, and so proud of himself. But it also leaves me with nothing to open under the Christmas tree, or having to rewrap my own birthday present. I love you honey. It's cute, really.

mothers day picks

What are you loving this week? Linking up for 4 Favorites and Shanna this Wednesday! Have a great one lovelies!


  1. love that suit too! that scarf is pretty cute tooooooo!
    new follower!

    Life on Countryside

  2. I love that tote so cute! I am making a mothers day wishlist as well and I have a Michael Kors navy and white stripe tote on mine that I am drooling over!

  3. Those moments of easy clothing and diaper changes come and go so quickly - even within the same day. Thought I would share this link as I think it describes things perfectly!