Monday, 10 June 2013

Reese is 5 months old

Oh Reese.

You are 5 whole months old today. I don't know where time is going. You are almost a half-year old. You, my girl, are becoming a real little person now. Not that you weren't always a person. But suddenly you are developing your own little personality. And boy are we in trouble!

You are such a silly little thing already. You smile and flirt with everybody. We love watching you laugh. You have the sweetest belly laugh, honey. I hope  you always laugh out loud this way. Your doggy, Cooper cracks you up. He is our secret weapon to stop you from crying (which you also do out loud).  Daddy and I have placed bets that "Cooper" might just be your first word. Sometimes we are jealous of how happy he makes you.

I can't believe how much sound comes out of such a little girl. You are full of noise. You coo, you laugh, you can even hold a note. Although we really hope your tune improves. You whinge, you whine, and boy do you squeal. We call it your dolphin call.

I might say this every month, but the 5 month mark is my favorite! Once you got through your tough growth spurt, wonder week, you were a totally different baby. You were suddenly equipped with all these new skills and expressions. You started letting Mama put you down for more than 5 seconds. We are totally finding our rhythm again.

Weight: I'm betting you're tipping the scales just over 16lbs, juicy little thing you! Your feet almost touch flat under your jumper, so we can tell you are getting taller too.

Milestones: You are rolling front to back with ease. You have been giving me a heart attack, because you are totally trying to crawl. You have been scooting with your back legs and kind of ending up on your face because your arms aren't quite strong enough to support that frame. Stop trying to grow up so fast! Your spine is getting straighter and you enjoy sitting up between my legs, you topple over if I let you go though. You love holding onto your feet and rocking side to side. You swing your arms up and down hitting yourself or me when you are mad getting diaper changed. You look at me when I call your name now.

Sleep: Rough the first half of the month. But now you are back to sleeping 10-11 hrs a night. We are still co-sleeping. You do like to night nurse 2 or 3 times over night, but it doesn't bother me. It still makes me laugh how you wake me by hitting my boobs, or pinching my face. Or if you are really in a hurry, you head butt my chest. I get the point sista!

You are officially napping in your crib. Every nap! We have a bit of a system down. As much as I enjoy an occasional nap with you, this has totally freed me up to get some things done. Thank you for finally letting me put you down for a bit.

Eating: Strictly breast milk baby! I still love breastfeeding. You are becoming quite more animated during feedings which makes me laugh. You grunt and growl and grab my face, and walk up my shoulders with your feet. Nursing in public discreetly is going to be a challenge now I'm sure.

Clothing: You are wearing 6-9 and 9 month clothing. Another bin of clothes went the garage, and as I held up all these new clothes, I thought, there is no way you can fit into clothes that are this long. Well here we are. The scary part is they aren't even big on you.

Favorite Moments: This month has been full of so many favorites. I love that you are finding ways to communicate with us. I love finding you smiling ear to ear in your big girl crib after a nap. Daddy and I have finally taken you out to eat. It only took us 4+ months and you did great. Watching you splash around your tub at night is also a favorite for us. You bring us so much joy, baby!

Worst Moments: It was tough watching you go through a crazy growth spurt. You were so overwhelmed. You would just cry in your sleep, unable to wake up or fall back asleep. It was like you couldn't shut your brain off. You also got your first diaper rash this month. It wouldn't go away. For days I went back and forth between Desitin with your disposables, coconut oil with your cloth, breast milk and air drying, and finally a baking soda bath.

We are no longer mourning each passing month. Each week seems to bring new exciting things for you, and we love watching you figure out the world around you. We have so much to look forward to!

I love you Goose.

The Life Of Faith


  1. Man I am jealous that you are able to put her down for more than five minutes...freedom at last haha. She's such a sweet little girl!

  2. She's so cute! Happy 5 months!

  3. Oh I feel you girl! 4 months and under my girl wouldn't let me put her down at all! She's gotten so much better now that she can do more things on her own! :)

  4. This was so sweet to read! Brought a lot of smiles.

  5. She is so adorable! You have a beautiful daughter!!
    I had to laugh when you described her waking you up during the night, so cute!
    Enjoy these moments, her half birthday will be here before you know it!


  6. She is beautiful. I love all her outfits!!! And her name is on our list!! ;)

  7. She always has the cutest headbands :)

  8. How wonderful that she sleeps 10-11 hours at night and is starting to take good naps! She is such a cutie! It really is crazy how quickly they seem to grow.