Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Not So Quiet Moments of 3am

Its been quiet here. We introduced Reese to her crib. Can you guess how it's been going? Well take my lack of posting as a blessing that you don't have to hear my sleep deprived grumbles each day. I'll just give it to you straight... this sucks!

A lot of my mom friends have always said the 6 month mark is pretty rough in the sleep department. These babies are discovering so much about their world and themselves. I literally feel like as soon as we make it through one growth spurt, we start another. Reese has officially learned to be mad at Momma. Like, swinging her neck, arching her back, hitting with arms flying up and down at light speed, mad.

For the past two weeks, I decided to start putting Reese in her crib for every nap. Even if she could sleep 2 hours in my bed with me laying next to her like a trapped prisoner, inching myself out of her death grip. Have you seen that Friends episode? You know, where Chandler tries to tuck and roll his way out bed with a sleeping woman? I've gotten my tuck and roll down to a seamless little trick.

Since, we've been co-sleeping since she was born, I haven't been quite ready to take the plunge on the crib sleeping thing cold turkey. Naps was the best place to start. Sometimes I get a half hour nap out of her, other days I'm granted a whole one hour to wash my hair, or finally move the wet clothes (that have been rinsed and re-washed 4 times) to the dryer.

Its exhausting getting this kid asleep. We walk, pace, bounce, sway all over the house for what feels like an eternity until I can slowly and so carefully lay her in bed and slide my arms away without startling her. My arms are getting quite the workout. Seriously, you'd think my breastmilk was made from heavy cream. My girl is a tank. My arms have been sore, my back hurts, even my hamstrings are sore. I know. Be more dramatic Megan.

After pacing around and singing along to lullabyes for 40 minutes, cursing myself for building bad habits with her, and wondering if she will ever love me again, the most magical thing happens. She goes limp. Her head finds it's place right in the nook of my neck and chest. That's the sweet spot. I find myself being unable to put her down. I just sit and rock this big ol' baby for another 10 minutes. I count my blessings. I thank God she is healthy. I appreciate being her mom for a moment, and apologize for all the things I said or thought in my sleepless state. That's what's funny about this parenting thing. Even in it's worst moments, it is worth it.

So, this weekend we decided we hadn't endured enough torture so we should try putting her down in her bed at bedtime and bring her to bed when she wakes up. That way, she could at least start out the night in there while Brandon and I have some time together. Time together usually looks like him sitting in the living room watching the Braves game, and me yelling from the other room snarky comments about the Bachelorette (because I think I'm incredibly witty and he should be watching it with me).

Anyway, our adjustment period has been a little rough. But Reese is doing alright. To be honest, for the whole record two hours she has stayed in bed at night, I have only managed to stare at the monitor the entire time and jump out of bed to get her at the first sign of startling. In fact, I think the separation is rougher on me than it is for her. Slowly but surely, we will get there.

We are alive and well and I will be back next week. Until then, where did I leave my coffee?


  1. Don't you just LOVE the "learning curve" of first time parenting and figuring out routines for precious little night owls? I have an 8 month old daughter, McKenzie, and it does get better I promise :)
    So glad to have found you on Mom-Lovin', you're blog is WONDERFUL! I look forward to following! :)
    Melissa @ Fawn Over Baby

  2. I feel your pain girl!! When we transitioned our little guy to the crib it was a good week of hell... and a TON of coffee ALL day long! I don't really have any suggestions, it just seemed that after a while Christian adjusted. I totally agree with your thought of even at its hardest moments, its worth it! What did we ever do before our babies?! lol! :)

  3. This might be terrible advice because it won't help you transition to crib, BUT do you have a baby swing? Don't overuse, but it can be a real lifesaver when you just need a break.

  4. I just posted about this too :) You're doing amazing--I think making the jump is half the battle. If you aren't ready (I had to wait on Ben to be ready and trust me with it for about 3 weeks), then don't do it! Maybe she'll be able to sleep longer in the crib when she can sense you're okay with her sleeping there too?

  5. Love your blog, new follower here!

  6. We started our son in the crib his first night home and we're now regressing into only co-sleeping only! Babies are babies. :) Thank you for this post! I was saying 'YES' right along side you! Found you on Bloglovin'.

    XOXO/Lena @ RootandBlossom