Monday, 3 June 2013

Weekend Recap

Here's your dose of random for today. We had a great weekend with our little peanut, but it went by too fast. I am also going bald. Like really. Did my body just now figure out we gave birth a few months ago? Someone is gonna need a serious haircut I'm afraid.

Someone tell me how it's June already! It's a damn sweatbox around here. It is SO hot here in South Georgia that I don't even want to step foot outside the house.

I miss Long Island summers, where you could head to the beach, sit on your patio all night, cooling down and sipping something yummy. I didn't know what HUMID was until now.

Speaking of Long Island, did anyone else watch Long Island Princesses last night? I'm embarrassed I just asked that question. I couldn't look away. I love and hate those girls all at the same time. Truth is, I grew up with a lot of girls just like that. But I promise not all of us Long Island girls are self absorbed and behave like we're on Jersey Shore. Girlfriend got a pedicure with her dad, and had the employee carry her to her BMW because she didn't have her heels on. Train. Wreck.

That's all I've got for you today! But I have something yummy coming your way tomorrow!
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  1. Your baby is so friggin adorable!
    stopping by the linkup :)

  2. I meant to record Long Island Princesses but forgot. I didn't miss my Jersey housewives though. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. I saw you on the link up! XOXO

  3. Your daughter is precious! I found your blog through Weekend Shenanigans!