Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Is this Real Life?

I must be pretty predictable these days. I am a big fat pout face these days. Because I'm tired and Reese is working on an entire mouth of teeth. Currently she is working on tooth #6. 6 teeth in under 8 weeks! My little sunshine has been waking up every half hour or so at nap time and overnight. No seriously.

This is around the time I give up and bring her to bed, only to have her roll around and wake up and cry all night anyway.

Is it really teething? Is it another wonder week, mental leap, growth spurt? You know us moms, we must have something to blame it on, as long as I am not the blame.

She is up bright and early regardless of such little sleep. Leaving me no choice but to just strap her in for a walk and enjoy the sunrise with a large cup of coffee.

Maybe one day I will look back and laugh about the fact that I was too tired to notice it was Desitin I put on my toothbrush instead of toothpaste this morning.
Or maybe it will be the orange juice that I poured into my coffee, or the fact that I handed the cashier my insurance card at the grocery store and asked for cash back.

As the saying goes, I am sure "this too shall pass" and all that jazz. But for now, I will continue to pray for rest, and plead with a 7 month old to go back to sleep.

What crazy mom-brain moments have you had?


  1. Yikes, I feel your pain girl. I think our sleeping is finally getting better over here...and then she comes down with a cold. We'll see how many times I'm up tonight...

  2. Teething is no fun! Our 8 month old has been teething for what feels like forever, and only has 2 teeth. She wakes all night and chews on everything. I think us moms should form a support group for dealing with teething babies lol ;) I really like your blog! Im a new follower from the mom-lovin hop! :)

    Amanda @ Happily Ever After

  3. the Desitin mishap, that's hard to beat. I did mysteriously find the salt shaker in the microwave last week though.

  4. I'm right there with you! The up every half hour perfectly describes our nights & naps the last few days too...the end is in sight thought, the first tooth is finally showing its little face!
    As far as mom-brain moments, I was trying to tell my husband something about our daughter in the middle of the night and I called her a "him". idea where that came from...
    Happy I found you through the mom-lovin blog hop and look forward to following along!
    All the best! :)
    Nancy @ My Little Criatura