Thursday, 8 August 2013

New York Recap

We spent last week at my home sweet home on Long Island. The last time I was home I was 8 months pregnant, and ready to celebrate my baby shower, when Hurricane Sandy came through and effed everything up.  I was as big as a whale, freezing my tail off in a house with no power. I was NOT enjoying the comforts of home in any sense of the word.

So going home this time was really exciting. Especially since I would be bringing my main squeeze along. Reese had still not met most of my family in New York. And there were great grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles ready to get their hands on her.

My brother Ryan has been living in South Korea for the past year, while my sister is in Tennessee and baby brother is home with Mom and Dad. The last time our family was together was a few Christmases ago, so this was a really special weekend planned to see each other and drive our parents crazy for a few days. We also had a straight up food tour of New York while we were home. Every bagel, hero sandwich, slice of pizza and italian ice was savored, and the diet went out the window. Sorry, but the "soul food, southern food" of Georgia just doesn't do it for me. In New York, I was indulging and enjoying every minute.

Reese and I bunked up in my old bedroom. As the rattle of the AC unit sitting in my window lulled us to sleep, I couldn't help but smile and remember all the memories made in that small upstairs bedroom. From sneaking out, to sneaking back in, first sleepovers, first heartbreaks, and first boy who ever made it up to my room. If that room could talk, I would certainly have put my hands right over my daughter's ears. I never imagined I'd ever have my own little girl laying in that old bedroom with me.

It was just the best week ever! We got to wiggle our toes in the grass without fear of red ants attacking our piggies. We got to sit outside watching the sun set without sweat dripping down our necks. We strolled the beach, ate on the patio, swung in hammocks and played with the pups with no worry of gnats and flies getting in our face. In those moments, I could have stayed there forever. Summers in the Northeast are truly magical.

But alas, our week came to a close and we headed home to South Georgia. We'll be home long enough to do laundry and repack. We are on our way to Myrtle Beach this week! Any excuse to escape the heat of this awful place!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. Looks like such a great time! Glad Reese got to meet more family :)

  2. Your little babe is absolutely beautiful. Meeting family with a baby has a whole new meaning. I love it. You guys look like you has a blast!

  3. Reese is sooooo beautiful. Looks like you guys had a great time in Long Island!!