Monday, 26 August 2013

Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday my friends! Got a big dose of random for you this morning, but its a welcome change to grumbling I have been doing all over blogland about sleep deprivation and teething. Today, I notice everyone is a-buzzing about last nights VMAs. How old am I? I don't even know what channel MTV is on. I had to google what twerking was (I was not impressed). And based on the fashion statements I saw last night, I am entirely stuck in 2006. rocking the boyfriend jeans, button downs, tshirts or occasional cardigan. seriously, am I 40? But the biggest LOL of the night was the shot of Will Smith's family in the audience during Miley's performance.


It was such a nice weekend. We had a break from the rain and got out for fresh air. We took the pups to park for a game of frisbee, and little Reese was so content watching us all play. It wont be long until she is chasing us around too!

We took a trip the mall and swooned over all the Fall stuff on the racks. People in South GA must be freaking kidding themselves. It will be 90 degrees until almost Thanksgiving. Just thinking about boots and sweaters makes my underarms sweat. While the rest of the country is carving pumpkins, baking apple pies and raking leaves we are still holed up behind closed doors to escape the heat, humidity and BUGS that come with living in this dreadful place.

I remember taking maternity pictures last November in jeans and cardigans and an extra 25lbs of body weight and sweating through my clothes, looking large and in charge. Some called it pregnancy glow, I called it morning sickness that lasted all day, and boob sweat for days. The hot weather could not stop me from buying my favorite Pumpkin Cupcake candle from Bath and Body works though! 

 We went to church, let Reese munch on our pizza crust at Mellow Mushroom, cleaned the house and prepared for another week. With Brandon working over 50 hours a week, we soak up each moment of the weekend. It is so nice having an extra set of hands around for 2 days. We are already looking forward to next weekend!! It can't come soon enough! 

The Life Of Faith


  1. Ok...I have to google Miley's performance because I missed it, and I keep reading about it. Seeing the Smith's family reaction has convinced me it's worth checking out!

    1. Ok. I'm back. My eyeballs have been raped. Nightmares will be had.
      Poor Billy Ray...

      But you ladies are looking cute as usual! ;)

    2. bahaha omg im dying. right? its offensive! lol

  2. I'm with ya on wearing the boyfriend jeans, button downs, and cardigans. I just don't think I can get into the new fashions as of late. Also, twerking? Had no idea it was even a word. And of, fall! I had to get my favorite pumpkin candles from bath & body works this weekend too! Love them!

  3. I couldn't believe her performance...and yeah... I think we are going to go straight from Summer to Winter..what happened to Fall weather??

  4. So, I didn't watch it but you got me curious and I went and looked it up........ I'm speechless..

    Anywho! I seriously can never get over how cute Reese is!!!! <3 She is so cute!

  5. This post is hillarious. Oh and about miley.... I'm still in shock.

  6. Oh man, I forgot about the boob sweat! I'll send you some of my fall weather!! The pic of Reese in the bathtub is precious!