Friday, 15 November 2013

Reese is 10 Months Old!

Dear Reese,
You are TOO big, baby! 10 months is scary scary. It means that your first birthday is just around the corner. Time has flown. And every day I watch you grow right before my eyes. I mean, it's as if one night you went to bed my little baby, and the next morning woke up waving, clapping blurting out words and begging for pancakes. What?

You even look different! All that baby mushiness is slowly dissolving and you are crawling, pulling up all over the house, and babbling our ears off. You love your doggies, the kitty cat and getting into all the DVDs. You like to tip over the dog food bowls, splash in the bath tub, and you love to see Daddy after work.

You are really showing off these days. You love to nuzzle my face and kiss us, but you sure know how to tell us you are mad. You don't like hearing the word "no". You are obsessed with wires and outlets, and I have to watch you constantly! You are our little explorer. We love watching you figure out your world.

Weight: Probably around 22 lbs and Tall Tall. Wearing almost all 12-18 month clothing.

Milestones: So many new ones this month! You like to bounce, you pull up on everything, you clap hands, and give high-five's, and do the cutest little wave! You are finally eating big girl foods- but prefer to have it fed to you. Not using pinchers much yet. You say "dada", "cat", "dog" but no real sign of "mama" unless you count the "baba" you cry when she wants me. You started singing this month. You got two more teeth this month too! Bringing our total to 8.

Eating: Reese eats 3 mini meals a day. This is the first month we have gotten away from purees and really into food. Do you know when Reese decided she was ready for real food? When she saw Momma choking down on a pulled BBQ chicken sandwich at the state fair. Chicken has been her favorite thing since! She's also loving soft veggies and fruits, mum mums, quinoa and rice. She is still breastfeeding every 4 hours or so too. I am so proud of making it so long breastfeeding and looking forward to continuing as long as she wants.

Sleep: Finally a little improvement. This probably still sounds miserable to most of you, but Reese is sleeping one 5-6 hour stretch at night, and then up every 2 hours after that. But this is amazing sleep for the momma who was used to waking every 2 hours all night long for months now. I'm hoping we can get down to one or two waking a by her birthday. Fingers crossed!

Worst Moments: Too smart for your own good. You don't like things taken away from you, and you sure don't like to hear "no". You still really hate the car seat, which is a pain in the butt! You got your first bad boo-boo, and it took days for Momma to forgive herself. You were crawling around the glider and ottoman in your room while I put clothes away and your finger got pinched under the glider as you leaned on it. The metal nearly crushed your finger. You have a black little thumb nail that will probably take a while to grow out.

Best Moments: Daddy and I are so in love with you. We love cuddling before bed time and you really exaggerate your sweet moods. You rub your head all over our heads and come at us with wide sloppy kisses. It's the best time of my day! Mommy takes baths with you at night and we splash and scrub til you get sleepy. This month we feel you interacting with us so much more. We can really all enjoy going out and doing things together and it really makes us feel like a family.

My heart is more full than I ever imagined. You are worth each sleepless night and coffee filled morning. You are my joy. You are my love. You are the light of my life, Reese Elizabeth.

As big as the sky,



  1. golly! she is getting so big! Why do they have to grow up so fast?! I'm so happy to hear she is sleeping better for you at night! It is always so exciting when they have a good sleep :) Such a cutie, love her little teeth-y grin.

  2. Wow!! Your kid is so cute!!!. I like your pictures. She is really very sweet!!

    Kopi Luwak

  3. AHH ten months already! wow time girl will be 10 months tomorrow as well. Reese is too cute, she looks like she is booming with personality. And major kudos to you for b feeding for 10 months! Amazing! xo

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