Monday, 16 December 2013

Reese is 11 Months Old!


I've been dreading these posts, the ones where you inch closer and closer to being a big one-year-old. Holy cow. When I look at pictures from just months ago, I can't believe how much you've changed. You have lost the look of the squishy baby who would snuggle in and sleep on my chest. The baby who couldn't sleep without touching me in our bed every night now wants her own space to roll around in her own bed. I wish I could make time slow down and just soak in these moments with you so small.

You won't ever know how much Daddy and I love you. That we sit in bed at night after you fall asleep in your room and stare at the video monitor and say how much we miss you already. You are the best part of our day. 

Weight: Guessing around 23 lbs, we will find out next month.  You are wearing all 12-18 month clothing and have been for months. 

Milestones: Still babbling up a storm. You can say: dada, dog, cat, duck, eye. You point to our eyes, ears, and nose when prompted. You have stood briefly on your own. It still freaks you out so you don't stand.. but you can! You are walking all over the house pushing your walker with no help. You got another tooth this month. You have 8 and have two molars on their way.

Sleep: Even more improvement this month. But no real consistency. You wake up anywhere from 1-4 times a night. Still, I will take that over the 1-2 hour wakings I was used to. You are now falling asleep on your own. I never thought I would see the day. No tears either! 

Eating: You like to eat what I am eating. You are doing so good with your solids. But you go on food strikes every so often for a few days where you refuse most food and only want to nurse. I think it has to do with teething. You love bananas, pears, clementines, banana pancakes, greek yogurt, rice and chicken. You still nurse around the clock. No plans to wean any time too soon.

Best Moments: We have loved watching interact with us so much more. You babble like you are talking to us. You love going on walks now, and taking showers with daddy before bed. You love playing in any kind of water! You celebrated your first Thanksgiving, and you loved putting up your first Christmas tree, and can't keep your hands off the shiny ornaments. You are obsessed with books! You have actually starting making animal sounds when we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear. You also love to walk holding onto our fingers. You could do it all day long!

Worst Moments: With all of these new skills always comes a fussy period. You want so badly to do so much, and get so easily frustrated. You are a sassy little thing. We have been seeing this for months now, and boy are we gonna have our hands full with you, girl. 

Our hearts are so full. We just treasure being your Mommy and Daddy more than we ever thought we could. We can't believe we will celebrating for birthday in a few short weeks. I don't know where our year together went. When you have a baby, everyone tells you how fast it will go. Time won't slow down for us, so we are trying to soak up these final baby moments. Each day we feel them slowly slipping away. 

No matter what a big girl you turn into, you will always be our little baby. We love you more than we could ever say. 

As big as the sky,