I'm Megan, and this is my blog. I am a first time mom, and I'm over here wingin' it. My husband Brandon and I moved to a tiny little town 600 miles away from family and friends. We are busy navigating parenthood for the first time, and are sharing the ups and downs with family and friends who can't be here to laugh with us in person.

This is my little space to gush about my baby. It's my place to share a bit of our lives with you. It's not always sunshine and butterflies around here, but we are keepin' it real. Real, as in.. sometimes baby poo gets in your hair, sometimes dinner gets burned, and some days we don't get out of jammys. But we are loving every sweet moment.


  1. Your little girl is so cute!! I'm also a first time momma!! My little girl is 9 months!!

    xo- Hannah

  2. OH MY GOSH I am going to name my baby Reese. It's the best name ever! I told my husband that if he married me, he had to know it included me naming one of our future children Reese.

  3. I love ur blog. I didnt get out of my jammies sometimes too and im also a first time mom. Your wonder weeks blog made me teary eyed really. Thanks!

  4. First time momma here to Noah Blue Cyrus I like your idea of keeping it real😊